Nov 012011

So I’ve been messing with EC2 and I’m already annoyed.  I used a Debian image from what looks to be a well known “cloud company” and I’ve already noticed a few things.

1. ext3: in 2011 really?  Why not something more modern like ext4 or xfs?

2.6 Terminals open:  What for?  Who accesses this from console?

3.NFS: I would think this wouldn’t be needed by 80% of the users so why include it on a barebones install?

4. X Font Server: I have not the words.


With EC2 you pay based on how much ram you want on your instance so I would think the idea would be to conserve as much memory as possible so why the waste?  I’m going to put some time into making some images I don’t completely hate.


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